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Domicile and office hours

The Cisp venue is in via San Frediano, 20 - 56126 Pisa (PI)

The venue is in the very center of the town, in a pedestrian zone, close to Palazzo della Sapienza and piazza dei cavalieri.

The nearest toll parkings are in Piazza Carrara and in Piazza Santa Caterina. The nearest free parking is PARKBRENNERO (via Alberto Paparelli), served by a shuttle (NAVETTA E) (about  7 min.).

From the train station is about 20 min. walking. Otherwise catch a public bus: (timetable) 13 (dir. Cisanello), 4 (dir. I Passi), 2 (dir. Porta a Lucca/ Le Maggiola). LAM VERDE (dir.Pratale), get off at the fifth bus stop (about 8 min., PACINOTTI 2 bus stop) then walk towards via Curtatone e Montanara and via San Frediano (three min.). 

The offices are open in the following hours:

Monday 8.30 -13.00

Tuesday 8.30-13.00 and 15.00-17.00

Wednesday 8.30-13.00

Thursday 8.30-13.00 e 15.00-17.00

Friday 8.30-13.00



Tel. 050 2211200 - Fax 050 2211206

E.mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.