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About us

The Interdisciplinary Center "Sciences for Peace" (CISP) is a University Education and Research Center of the University of Pisa. Established in 1998 as an Interdepartmental Center, it currently involves 51 professors and researchers from the university, 11 associated researchers and 12 senior fellows. All scholars affiliated within the university are primarily members of one of the twenty single discipline departments of the University of Pisa, and belong to "Sciences for Peace" I.C. as a second association. Since the center is interdisciplinary, all affiliated scholars bring their individual academic background to the pursuit of an interdisciplinary -- and transdisciplinary -- approach focused on "Peace Research" and "Peace Studies".

CISP is currently the only Italian public academic center for "Peace Studies/Research". Its special status stands in the preposition "for" between "Sciences" and "Peace", since its first goal has always been that all disciplines can build peace with peaceful means. Peace Research is not the provienence of any single discipline: just as there is no specific protocol for Peace, all disciplines can cooperate in peace-building actions.

The Center performs research, educational teaching, professional development activities and public education directed at to the building of a "positive peace" This is not meant only the absence of conflict, but also working for social justice, managing conflicts in a non-violent way, refusing the use of violent instruments and condemning war. Positive peace implies the restoration of relationships, the creation of social systems that serve the needs of the whole population and the constructive resolution of conflict.

The distinction between conflict and war is a focal points for CISP. "Positive Peace", nonviolent conflicts transformation and social mediation are the main research areas fostered at CISP, especially within the methodology called "action research". The Center maintains a strong regional presence, helping to address local needs. It participates in a wide network combining different stakeholders and promoting several activities: training-Course for school teachers and students, national and international Conferences other educational activities especially in the area of Conflict Management, Peace education, ADR and social Mediation, Immigration.

In 2001, the CISP promoted the creation of two degree programs, a First and Second Cycle Inter-Departmental Degree Program (Bachelor and Master) in "Sciences for Peace", that are now named "Sciences for Peace: International Cooperation and Conflict Transformation" (First Cycle) and "Sciences for Peace: Conflict Transformation and International Cooperation for Development" (Second Cycle). The second is currently a cooperative-joint program with the Université Paris Dauphine.

The University of Pisa "Sciences for Peace" I.C. publishes a research journal "Scienza e Pace. Science and Peace" (ISSN: 2039-1749) ( and a book-series (Sciences for Peace) (42 publications since 1992, now under the auspices of the Pisa University Press). CISP also maintains a specialist library, hosted by the library of Philosophy and History.